• Red Currants
  • WoodBlocX
  • Chaenomeles ‘Pink Lady’
  • Scarecrow in the Rudbeckias
  • Bee on Verbena
  • Hoverfly on Angelica
  • Papaver somniferum
  • Teasel and Ladybird
  • Himalayan blue poppies (Meconopsis baileyi)
  • Clematis Montana ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Grandiflora’
  • Tulipa ‘Ice Cream’
  • Pear Blossom
  • Blackbird
  • Spring Snowdrops
  • Forcing Rhubarb
  • Chinese dogwood (Cornus kousa var. chinensis)
  • Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ – Acer palmatum ‘Orange Dream’ – Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Garnet’
  • Acer shirasawanum Aureum
  • Mitraria coccinea Lake Puye form (Gesneriaceae)
  • Myosotis (Forget-me-not)
  • Hibiscus syriacus ‘Oiseau Bleu’
  • Calamondine
  • Buddleia
  • Clematis
  • Leucojum Gravetye (Giant Snowflake)
  • Geranium
  • Rosa “Red Velvet”
  • Iris
  • Chinese dogwood (Cornus kousa var. chinensis) – Seedpods
  • Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart)
  • Rosa “Remember Me”
  • Rowan
  • Sweetpeas
  • Snowdrops

Our Allotment


A photographic diary of the progress on our Allotment in Knotty Ash, Liverpool.   July 2014 It is now early July and we have had our first harvest of potatoes. I think the labels may have been moved as the label said these were Juliette but they look more like King Edward to me. Either way they are very tasty. The Red and Black … ...

Gardening Articles


Hozelock Flexi Spray – Review

You may have seen my recent review about finding easier ways to keep my patio pots and containers watered (http://gardeningregisterblog.co.uk/index.php/hozelock-spiral-hose-set-review).  I came across a sprial hose which has turned out to be a great … ...


Win tickets to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Would you like to win tickets to RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this July? World Vision is the world’s largest, international children’s charity. This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the 1984 Ethiopian famine, the worst in living … ...


WoodBlocX Raised Bed – Review

I love to use herbs in cooking and in summer time I like to add Borage and Mint to cold drinks. In my garden I grow Thyme, Bay and Chives but my Rosemary and Sage both died a couple of years ago so I have been buying them from the supermarket, I also … ...


Hozelock Garden Sprinkler – Review

Like a lot of people I have a number of containers and pots on my patio which adds interest and colour throughout the Spring and Summer. I love to use pots to grow plants which either won't grow in my garden or would be too large if planted in the … ...


Lawn Care Guide

A beautiful lawn is the envy of most gardeners but producing and maintaining a lawn is not easy and takes time and commitment. However, I hope with the help of our step by step guide you too could be the envy of your neighbours. For this guide … ...


Extend the Growing Season With Hydroponics

One challenge of living in a northern climate is the relatively short growing season which unfortunately means you have to purchase your vegetables in the winter or simply live without them for several months. Fortunately with a little planning … ...