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Featured Articles

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Dove Cottage Garden

In June this year (2015) I moved from my four bedroomed, modern detached house, home for 16 years, to a three bedroomed cottage in a small village in Cheshire. I have dreamed for most of my adult life of a home in the countryside and after many false starts I finally managed to fulfil my dream. The new house is called Dove Cottage and is, in fact, a good, solid, three bedroomed house with small front and back gardens, there is a small shop a couple of minutes walk away next door to a pub which, hopefully, will be reopened shortly. The orientation of the garden was very important when I … read more

First Prize Potatoes

Our Allotment

A photographic diary of the progress on our Allotment in Knotty Ash, Liverpool. July 2015 I can't believe that it has been a year since my last post but we have been busy at the allotment. Last year's harvests were not as good as we had hoped so once everything had been harvested Allan took several trips to the local riding stables, filled the boot of the car full of manure and put a good thick layer on all the beds. We then covered the beds with the old carpets and left them for the winter. This year we decided to try growing our vegetables through weed suppressing membrane which … read more

Gardening Articles


Review – EGO Power+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer

I have never had a garden with a hedge until I moved into my new house three weeks ago. There is a tall Leylandii hedge running down the length of the front garden, separating my garden from my neighbour's, and a smaller Hawthorn Hedge running around the edge of the rest of the front garden. Both hedges required a trim when I moved in and would need trimming a couple of times a year going … read more


Give a Bird a Home

Shocked at the decline in our native birds the people at Sykes Cottages recently conducted a survey to find out how many people had a nest box in their garden; the survey showed that less than a third of people do. Following on from these results they produced very interesting, and useful, visual guide to easily show people what they can do to make their gardens bird-friendly; take a look … read more


The Chelsea Flower Show: what to see at the biggest show of the year

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show remains one of the biggest garden shows in the world, and is a must visit for anyone with a real love for horticulture.  Visitors from all over the world head to the gardens of the Chelsea Royal Hospital to view hundreds of different displays across multiple styles. In other words, if you’re a gardening fan you need to be there!  2015’s Flower Show is running from … read more


How to Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are produced from seed potatoes which should be from certified virus free plants and ideally the size of a hen's egg. Before planting they should be chitted to produce small, strong shoots. Chitting: Place the seed potatoes in egg boxes or seed trays, eyed end up, and keep in a light, frost-free room for about six weeks to allow the shoots to develop. Potatoes be grown in any soil … read more


How to Grow Fragrant Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are one of the most popular plants for UK gardeners. They are annuals so only last the one summer but the display they give is always amazing; lots and lots of colourful, usually fragrant, flowers growing on bright green stems up to 6-7ft in height. Wonderful! As an added bonus they are very easy to grow; you can sow the seed directly into the ground or bring them on in the … read more

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