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Our Garden


We bought this house, when it was only half built, back in 1999 and typical of new houses the garden was a mound of top soil and builders rubble. We got the builders to level the soil but it was still full of bricks, pallet wrappers etc., quite a mess really. We concentrated on getting the house sorted before thinking about the garden. At that time we didn't know too much about gardening so we decided to employ a garden designer to make sure we got the garden we wanted. We knew we wanted a conservatory building at the back of the house so we instructed the garden designer to incorporate it … [Read More...]

Our Allotment

First Prize Potatoes

A photographic diary of the progress on our Allotment in Knotty Ash, Liverpool.   August 2014 Well, it's that time of year again! Saturday saw the 2014 Ashfield Allotments Flower and Vegetable Show and we entered 21 classes, including Jams & Chutneys and Photography. When it came to the day we were disappointed in some of our produce but in the end we did quite well. We got four first prizes, four second prizes and one third prize. July 2014 It is now early July and we have had our first harvest of potatoes. I think the labels … read more

Gardening Articles


Clearing an Overgrown Garden

If you have just bought a home with an overgrown garden this article is for you. We are going to explain how to quickly and safely clear the overgrown area and prepare it to be transformed into your own little piece of paradise. Safety first The first thing we are going to talk about is safety. In an overgrown garden, you really have no idea of what is hidden in the weeds. It is never … read more


Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables, salads and herbs can be extremely satisfying. Not only do they taste much better than shop bought vegetables they are also cheaper and tend to provide us with more vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is also so much more convenient to pop out to your garden than to trek down to the shops for a couple of fresh tomatoes and a lettuce. So, there's no excuse not … read more


Time to Force your Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a vegetable (not fruit) loved by many and extremely easy to grow as long as you give it the room. Rhubarb can be grown from seed sown in April but it is much better to plant "crowns" to ensure a good strong plant and fruitful crop. You can expect to get 5 to 10 years from your plant so they are very good value. The only drawback is that you will not be able to pull your crop until … read more


Poinsettia for Christmas

I love Poinsettia and for me Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without at least one; this year I've got four! My four poinsettia are arranged on a deep windowsill in red pots surrounded by a green swag which is covered in red fairy lights - it looks amazing! These days this deciduous shrub is produced in vast quantities and are usually quite small and bushy;¬†ideal for Christmas displays. The red … read more

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