How can a water feature really bring your garden to life?

Not only does Outdoor Living Product Ltd provide and extensive range of products that can inject a new lease of life to your outdoor area, we also stock a beautiful range of water features that can enhance even the smallest of outdoor spaces. When you think of water features, there’s no need to worry about price if you shop at Outdoor Living. Because we have such an extensive range of outdoor water features in so many different styles, and sizes, […]

Pond Plants

There are four types of pond plants: deep-water aquatics, marginals, submerged oxygenators and free-floaters. For your pond to remain healthy you will need a few plants from each type except free-floaters.

13 Steps to Building a Garden Pond

There are several points you need to consider before building your pond: Should it be formal or informal, natural or modern? Do you want to keep fish, grow plants or attract wildlife? Are there children to keep safe?