Garden Birds

Give a Bird a Home

Shocked at the decline in our native birds the people at Sykes Cottages recently conducted a survey to find out how many people had a nest box in their garden; the survey showed that less than a third of people do. Following on from these results they produced very interesting, and useful, visual guide to easily show people what they can do to make their gardens bird-friendly; take a look below. To read the full survey results take a look at their press […]

Do you need to feed the birds?

I have always been a big believer in feeding the garden birds throughout the year. However, I stopped feeding a few months ago as the feeders were attracting vermin. Since then I have only provided saucers of water; they together with the Ivy and other bird loving plants still attract a good number of birds.

Feeding Garden Birds

A beautiful, well maintained garden is a wonderful thing but what makes it special is the birds. You can attract birds to your garden throughout the year with very little effort.