Jobs to do in the Garden

A month by month, easy to follow, guide to the jobs you should be doing in your garden now. January In the Flower Garden: Plant bare-root roses, trees and shrubs Prune standard roses Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs Remove dead stems and leaves from perennials Tidy grasses In the Vegetable Garden: Fork over empty beds and mix in compost Plant fruit trees Prune Gooseberry bushes Warm up beds for early crops Tie raspberry and blackberry canes to support wires In […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Softened Water in Garden Maintenance

So you are considering a softened water system or you have already installed one in your home. You might be asking yourself if this treated water, while great for reducing scaling in your water pipes or lessening your need for heavy detergents, is a safe and effective alternative for watering garden plants. The following information will help you determine a system that works best for your home and your happy, healthy garden. Some Benefits of Softened Water Hard water causes […]

How to Protect your Fence All Year Round

As the British summer draws to a close, residents can bask in the knowledge that it was the hottest for seven years. Now that winter is upon us, however, home-owners must turn their attention to inclement weather and how it may impact on their garden and fencing. If you are to maintain the visual appeal and security of your garden, it is important to act now and take practical steps towards treating your fence and any other wooden features. Going […]