Four Tips for Landscaping Your Garden

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, the chances are you spend a lot of time outside working to improve your garden. Sometimes making a few small changes can spruce things up a little, but what about when you’re looking to give your garden a complete overhaul? Landscaping your garden is a big project, so before you rush into it, here are a few tips. Draw up your plans You may not consider yourself an artist, but drawing up plans for your […]

Bordering Your Garden

However you choose to border your garden, whether it’s with foliage, fencing, or even a wall, we have some inspiration to help you transform the parameter of your outside space from being dull and boring, to fancy and functional. Picket Fencing If privacy isn’t your priority, then a low wooden picket fence could be the option for you. The easiest way to transform your picket fence is to get creative when it comes to painting it. Obviously if you prefer […]

Garden Maintenance Made Easy

Even if you love gardening, finding the time in your busy schedule to maintain your outdoor space can just end up being another thing to worry about. Nobody wants a scruffy, unkempt garden as it does absolutely nothing for your home’s kerb appeal, so we’ve got a few solutions for helping you keep your garden looking presentable without taking up too much of your time. Plant perennials Perennial plants are plants that do not die after one season of growth. […]