How to Choose a Garden Shed

Need a garden shed? There are lots of things to consider before you make your choice. Check the following points to make sure you’ve got it all covered. What size Size is important. You need to consider the amount of space you’ve got to accommodate it, as well as what it will be used for. Is it for a garden? Do you want somewhere to store a lawnmower and other equipment? Maybe it will be for an allotment. Consider all […]

Why a Garden Building Could Enhance Your Life

Winter is approaching, which means your garden may feel a little redundant as the cold, dark nights draw in. So why not make the most of the space, and add some value to your property at the same time, by installing a garden building. There are many ideas that can be explored, other than the trusty shed. Keep Fit without Having to Queue for the Cross-trainer According to a recent article gym memberships are a waste of money. We all […]

Shed Delights

Create Visual Appeal in Your Garden When people talk about enhancing their outside space, they usually mean by landscaping, setting up a rockery, sinking a pond or adding golden fish. All of these methods are successful because they can improve the look and feel of a garden by adding height, colour and texture. Add Depth and Dimension with a Stylish Shed Traditional British gardens can often lack visual appeal. The common rectangular lawn can be more of an eyesore than […]