Hozelock 4 Way Tap Connector – Review

My garden is around 15 years old so is quite well established and requires little watering, however there are three areas which I have to keep an eye on during hot weather. The three main areas are; the sunny patio containing trees and shrubs in pots, the patio nearest the house which holds my Acers and a few planting containers and a medium sized flower bed at the front of the house. In order to make watering as easy as […]

Plantpal Watering Globe – Review

I came across this product whilst looking for ideas to keep my house plants watered while away on holiday. I have seen similar self-watering products in garden centres over the years and have actually tried the ornate glass versions but this promised unique technology which provides self-watering for up to a fortnight. It claims that water is only released from the globe when the soil becomes dry and therefore when the plant needs it most. Here are the instructions on the […]

Hozelock Flexi Spray – Review

You may have seen my recent review about finding easier ways to keep my patio pots and containers watered (  I came across a sprial hose which has turned out to be a great buy but I wanted something I could leave running for a short amount of time to help with my larger pots and containers. Looking around Swell UK‘s website I came across a Hozelock Flexi Spray which looked like it may do the job. It is currently […]