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Now the weather’s turned much colder it’s a good time to think about protecting plants in your borders. Very tender plants will need to be lifted and stored under cover, however hardier plants and shrubs can be protected by applying a layer of mulch to protect their roots.

Weeds should be removed from the borders first, before covering the soil with a layer of bark to a minimum depth of 50mm (2 inches).

As well as insulating the plant roots over winter, mulching with Rolawn Bark will also inhibit development of weeds and improve moisture retention in periods of drought.

Rolawn Landscaping Bark is a mid-dark brown, multi-purpose grade bark, derived from forestry woodchip. A tote bag contains approximately 1,000 litres and covers 20square metres to a depth of 50mm. Landscaping Bark is also available in 80 litre bags.

Rolawn Decorative Bark is a quality, durable, golden brown, ornamental pine bark. Its attractive appearance and shape make it ideal for beds & borders.

Also available is Rolawn Play Grade Bark which is a quality, reddish brown, pine bark, ideal for use in children’s play areas.

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