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Snowdrops January 2012

Our Garden in January

Following on from my failed attempt at taking photographs of our garden each week I have decided to just take photographs when there is something interesting to show you. Today, 23rd January 2012, I was surprised to notice the size of the Camellia Buds, this time last year they were […]

New Product Review

I have completed my review of my new pressure washer Nilfisk C110 3-5 PCA X-tra. I am pleasantly surprised how compact and easy to use it is, it is very light to carry and manoeuvre and it cleaned really well. It also comes with extra accessories such as a patio cleaner and car […]

How to Grow Carrots

Unless you are growing carrots for show purposes grow them as close as possible to avoid having to weed too much and make sure you water during dry periods. Sow during early March under glass or between late March to mid August outside once all risk of frost has passed. […]

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

Do not grow Brussels Sprouts in the same plot more than once every three years and ideally grow in a plot which has grown peas or beans previously. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot. Dig the soil deeply in winter and leave several months before planting to ensure firm soil add […]