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Chalara fraxinea – Ash Dieback Disease

Are you concerned about the Ash Trees near you? Ash dieback is a disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Chalara fraxinea and can affect trees of any age and the symptoms are: Black blotches at the base of leaves before they begin to wilt Legions or spots on […]

Make your own Leafmould

Autumn can be a lovely time of year but the work involved in clearing up all the dropped leaves can be a chore each year. However, there is a benefit to be had – they make a fabulous free source of organic matter.

The Japanese Garden at Tatton Park

Tatton Park is an estate in Cheshire not far from Altrincham and Hale, being just off the M6 and M56 it is conveniently situated for most of the country. The centre of the estate is a Neo-Classical Mansion set in 50 acres of landscaped gardens surrounded by 1,000 acres of […]

Vegetable Pests and Diseases

Growing vegetables is never trouble free but if know what is wrong you have a better chance of eradicating it and, hopefully, save your affected vegetables. This is a comprehensive article giving lots of detail on how to deal with most garden pests and diseases which affect vegetables. Most vegetables […]

Plant of the Month for October – Grasses

People either love or hate grasses but at this time of year they add enormous interest to any garden; there is a huge range available adding gossamer effects, autumn colour, and winter shapes as well as a gentle rustling as the wind whips around the garden.