30cm Cube

I began building a new aquascape in my 11L nano tank but soon found that it was too small to do what I wanted to do so I have abandoned that project and have bought a new 30cm cube.

For details on the 11L build click here.

I bought a 30cm Ultra Clear Glass Fish Tank (25L) from All Pond Solutions and a Hang on External Fish Tank Filter (150 L/H), however, I found the filter very noisy so I installed an All Pond Solutions 500IF submersible filtration pump which I already had, it seems to be doing a good job so far.

I added a layer of JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral to the bottom of the tank, topped it off with Tropica Aquarium Planted Tank Soil and finished with a thick layer of decorative sand. The Volcano Mineral and the sponges from the filter had been seeding in my main tank for a few weeks to encourage beneficial bacteria and the soil was from my 11L nano.

I arranged the driftwood which had been in the 11L nano tank plus a couple of other pieces after covering two of them with Tropica Taxiphyllum barbieri (Java Moss). I then planted the foreground with Tropica Eleocharis acicularis mini (Dwarf Hairgrass), most of this had been in the 11L and I added one more pot. For the mid ground I used two pots of Sagittaria subulata Tropica. For the background I got two Echinodorus rubin red from World of Mosses via Facebook, the quality is excellent so I’m very pleased.

I then set up the filter, light and a nano heater I had used before.

I did large daily water changes for the first few days then tested the water and everything was spot on so I introduced five Blue Ramshorn Snails followed by three Panda Corys, this tank will also become the new home of my Betta Fish.