A dating site for gardening lovers 3

A dating site for gardening lovers.

I came across an advert in a gardening magazine recently for an online dating site for people who love gardening. Here’s what they are saying “If you are normally found in the potting shed or are equally at home on the allotment why not share your passion (and weeding) with that special someone.”

Whilst it’s not relevant to me I found the idea intriguing. Is this a good way to meet like minded people or would you give it a wide berth?

Let me know what you think, here’s the link: http://www.greenfingersdating.co.uk.

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3 thoughts on “A dating site for gardening lovers

  • M

    I joined Green Fingers Dating and it was pretty useless and I didn’t renew after my first month. Very few male members are actually keen gardeners.. and it’s really just another glorified cattle market… and I was extremely disappointed with it. My advice… don’t waste your money.

  • marion.

    ditto …every age colour and size except gardeners..and very difficult to unsubscribe as they automatically take money whether you asked them to or not.