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About Us

The Gardening Register website was set up in 2005 by me, Linda Peppin. Since the beginning its aim has been to be an easy to follow, informative website covering all aspects of gardening for the beginner as well as the more experienced gardener.

However, in 2008 I made the decision to re-build the website using WordPress which would enable me to produce articles quicker and easier and allow my visitors to get involved by leaving comments.

This new website, still called The Gardening Register, has proved very successful since then and has already equalled the visitors I was getting on the original website.

The website has two main functions; the first is to offer Free Gardening Advice Online to help with all gardening problems and queries; visitors just need to send us an email with the details of their question or query and one of us will get back to them with a personalised answer.

Secondly the website is packed with a comprehensive collection of Easy to Follow Gardening Articles which help visitors with most aspects of gardening from pruning to propagation, from what to feed garden birds to building a garden pond.

As well as these two main aims of the website we also keep it updated with the latest news items in the world of gardening, ideas of what needs to be done in the garden now, details of any special offers we come across from our favourite suppliers as well as snippets and chat from the world of The Gardening Register.