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Add Height to your Garden

obelisklargeTall, upright plants and structures add an extra element of interest to any garden. Trees and large shrubs are an excellent way of gaining height but they do take up a lot of room and take many years to reach their full size.

A quick and easy solution is to use obelisks, arches, pergolas and trellises to grow climbing and rambling plants.

Obelisks come in many shapes and sizes and are available in lots of different materials so you are bound to find one that suits your garden’s theme. Place it in the middle of low growing shrubs and perennials for dramatic affect. Many obelisks are classy enough to stand on their own, but better still, plant a showy, summer flowering clematis at the base and allow it to scramble up for a blast of colour in the middle of the border. Better still plant a spring flowering and a summer flowering clematis together for even more impact.

pergola-smallPergolas should be erected to draw you through the garden to a feature at the end; a specimen plant, an ornament or other structure. Grow climbing roses, grape vines, wisteria or laburnum to produce a colourful, scented walkway. Soften the base of the structure by planting low growing perennials such as hardy geraniums; this will help make the structure look part of the garden and not just an add-on.

Arches are a great way to add height without taking up too much space. Place them where there is a change to the garden to have it act like a gateway; like at the start or end of a patch or between the lawn and the patio. To help it blend into the rest of the garden plant clematis or roses at the base and train them over the arch.

clematis-alpinaTrellises can be attached to fencing and the walls of garden buildings or houses. They are great for transforming otherwise dull structures or, used free standing; they do a great job of blocking an eye sore. Any climbing plant will be at home on a trellis just ensure that the shoots are tied in securely.

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