Allotment Update for May 2

Everything at the allotment is doing well except for by brussels sprouts seedlings. This is the second lot which has withered and failed so I think I am going to give up on them for this year. I will buy some plug plants to put in later in the month.

I finished the caging for the main bed so sowed more onions sets and planted out more lettuce, carrots and some beetroot. I also sowed beetroot seed for a later crop.

The soil is so hard at the moment it’s difficult to plant or sow anything.

The new fruit trees have settled in well although the plum and cherry will need to move to their final position in the autumn.

The allotment had their plant sale open day on Saturday so I bought some strawberries to add to our collection, should have quite a good harvest come the summer.

The pumpkin and squash seeds have all germinated and are quite big already, we will have to thin them out shortly which seems a shame. The three rhubarb crowns we planted in March rotted off so I’m trying to get a refund from the company we bought them from then I will buy new, more established, plants to replace them.

The early potatoes are doing very well and have been earthed up a few times already. The heirloom varieties and mains are still to come through.

My nephew Jon, who is three years old, sowed some sunflower seeds a few weeks ago and they are now about 10 inches tall so he “helped” to plant them out and luckily they have all settled in well.

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2 thoughts on “Allotment Update for May

  • HHaricot

    Hi, have followed you on twitter [frantic gardener] and popped across from there. My pumpkin have only germinated 2 out of 6 [t and m experimental] and my butternut squash only 1! SO have bought new seed and sown some more.

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks for your comment. I think it was a case of first time lucky with the pumpkins. 🙂