Allotment Update – January 2012 1

Most of the allotment is dormant at the moment but the Broad Beans sown early autumn are doing well as are the Sweet Peas, Onions and Garlic. Quite pleased with progress as this is the first time I’ve grown crops over the winter.

We also still have potatoes in the ground which, so far, haven’t been eaten or rotted off so we should have them available up to the next set of crop.

George at the allotment has his seed potatoes available so bought a bag of Maris Piper which are now chitting in the shed.

Click here to see our Allotment Progress in Pictures.

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One thought on “Allotment Update – January 2012

  • Vanessa

    Now it is April quite alot is in the ground, lettuces, spinach, chard, spring onions, garlic which was planted in November, broad beans (a new thing for me to grow, not really sure how to nurture these on! any advice very welcome!!) swedes, parsnips. This week have removed all the dead leaves around the strawberries and removed any weeds from around them and hoed around to put some air into the soil. Will plant early potatoes this weekend (15th April). Had a cull on the corn salad to control the spreading of it. Watercress is doing well, we have a clay soil on the allotments and it seems to thrive on it. Will pick the last leek this week. Keep weeding raspberries from any invasions of couch grass, it is easy to fork it out now.
    Carrots have always been a bit of a problem, but last year they grew well for the first time, we planted them middle of May and the timing was just right. If we wait until June, I think the carrot fly take a hold, has anyone else experienced this?
    Any hints on growing dwarf french beans? we grew them a long time ago, but they ended up straggley and went brown, a complete failure. Do we put them in pots the same time as runner beans? or are they planted earlier?
    Been cutting up loo rolls, kitchen rolls and egg boxes to add browns to the compost heap and some handfuls of leaves to give it more air.
    Plum tree has lovely white blossom, I don’t remember it being like this last year, I only hope that the frost does not destroy the blossoms.
    Ladybird refuge has worked – just a chicken wire bin shape, stuffed with dry grasses and sticks pocked through from one end of the chicken wire to the other for entrance and exiting. Two compost empty sacks on top for protection from rain held firmly in place by a cross of two longer sticks. Lots of ladybirds around after the hibernation period.
    Can’t see any frogs in our two little ponds, have added pond weed about 3 weeks ago and keep looking, but maybe they are hiding!! (I really hope so)
    About to go and get bean sticks, runner trenches are prepared, but won’t put beans in until the last frost is out the way.
    Any hints on predator habitats would be great if you have any useful tips I could learn.
    Happy growing:)