Allotment Update: Potatoes in

Allotment Update.

It was lovely at the allotment this afternoon, sunny and warm but 30 degrees in the greenhouse which was not very comfortable. I can’t believe I’m complaining about the heat!

I planted the early potatoes Red Duke of York and Lady Christl; the Pink Fir Apple are still chitting very, very slowly.

I also sowed some seeds; although some should really be in a propogator so I’ve got my figures crossed:

  • Brussels Sprout ‘Revenge’
  • Beetroot ‘Wodan’
  • Sweet Pepper ‘Gypsy’
  • Chili ‘Superchili’
  • Tomato ‘Sweet Olive’
  • Tomato ‘Red Alert’
  • Cauliflower Igloo

The Rhubarb ‘Stockbridge Arrow’ went in on Saturday along with some Chives which we all love.

A good start to the season I think but still lots to do.