Allotment Update: The Shed

Finally we have our shed.

We bought our shed from Garden Buildings Direct, there were a few problems with delivery but it arrived eventually and we put it away safely until Allan could get a day off work

This just happened to be one of the coldest days we’ve ever had in Liverpool! So cold that the camera froze a few times and we couldn’t get the camping cooker going for the kettle. Luckily we had our burner going so we had heat and cups of tea.

Once we got going it was quite easy and quick to build and it was all finished by 3pm. It has to be painted yet but we couldn’t do that in the cold anyway, a job for spring I think. We also want to seal up some of the gaps and put insulation foil on the inside so that it is as watertight and warm as possible.

Take a look at progress below (I didn’t just take the photos, I did help too!).