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BBQ Cheat Sheet

With the warmer weather upon us, what better way to celebrate than to get out into the garden and throw a barbecue for your friends and family? It doesn’t get much better than getting
everyone together, enjoying refreshing drinks and indulging in some alfresco dining. However, outdoor eating has its hazards – you need to be mindful of the fire risks throughout
your barbecue including how to safely dispose of coals and fuel at the end. Taking small but practical steps can minimise a range of safety risks at once. For example, situate the grill in an
area where you can concentrate on the task at hand, positioned away from pets and children and on a flat surface.

If you’re cooking poultry, fish, lamb or pork, it’s essential for these meats to be cooked all the way through at a temperature high enough to kill any harmful bacteria. You also need to
consider what parts of the meat you’re grilling – chicken legs and chicken breasts both require different cooking temperatures. But remember, charred on the outside doesn’t mean it’s cooked in the middle!

It’s clear there’s a lot of things to consider, but thankfully Kettler have created a handy guide to help you throw a safe and successful barbecue. The guide covers a wide range of helpful tips, from cooking meat at the correct temperatures to fire and gas safety precautions.