Bokashi Home Composting Update

I have had my Bokashi Home Composting system since mid March and today I got my first supply of liquid which I will mix with water and use as a fertiliser on the garden.

Here’s what I think about the system:

  • The bokashi bran used to decompose the food smells horrible and takes a bit of getting used to
  • The guide says the system doesn’t smell but on a couple of occasions when I’ve removed the lid, the smell has been awful. However, I added more bran and pushed everything down to remove any air pockets and it seems better.
  • My bin isn’t full yet but it seems to be taking it’s time breaking down. The guide says it works quicker when the liquid has been drained off and when the caddy is full. I’ll drain off the liquid more regularly and give you an update in a couple of weeks.

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