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Bordering Your Garden

Yellow and red flowers growing along a white picket fence in traditional gardenHowever you choose to border your garden, whether it’s with foliage, fencing, or even a wall, we have some inspiration to help you transform the parameter of your outside space from being dull and boring, to fancy and functional.

Picket Fencing

If privacy isn’t your priority, then a low wooden picket fence could be the option for you. The easiest way to transform your picket fence is to get creative when it comes to painting it. Obviously if you prefer the au-natural finish then you can leave it as it is or just gloss it.  With that said, if you’d like to make it more of a feature then painting it is the way to go. A bright white paint will give a cutesy, country-esque vibe, especially if you let brightly coloured flowers grow up it. If you’d prefer something a little more eye-catching, then you could go for pastel hues and paint each panel in a different colour. An ombré effect fence is great if you want something a little different, but be wary as this paint job isn’t particularly timeless. Obviously you’ll need a gate, complete with a lock for extra security. Hardware for a gate can be purchased separately from the fencing itself, and you can easily get hold of the bits and pieces you need online from somewhere like Barrier Components.

Stone Wall

If you prefer a more rustic vibe, then a wall built from natural stone will fit in perfectly with the style of your garden. There’s always the option to build it yourself by following online tutorials like this one, but calling in a professional might be a good idea if you have children who are likely to be playing in the garden; you wouldn’t want an unsteady wall to fall on them. A wall built from natural stone collected locally is a particularly eco-friendly way to border your garden, as you’re recycling the materials already available to you.

Mirrored Fencing

If your garden isn’t particularly large, a quirky yet effective way to border your property’s perimeter is to invest in mirrored fencing. When placed around the edge of a garden, the reflective surface will have the effect of making your garden look much bigger than it actually is. It won’t be for everyone, but for those looking for something a little more unique to jazz their garden up with, then it’s well worth looking into.


Another eco-friendly way of bordering your garden is with foliage such as trees, plants and shrubbery. Admittedly this isn’t the most secure way of sectioning off your property, but it does make your garden look lovely and green. This is probably an option most suited to those who live in detached properties in the countryside, backing onto fields and positioned away from any other properties. It’s also an option that will take a couple of years to develop and grow, so if you’re just moving into this kind of property then you should start planting your new ‘fencing’ as soon as possible.