Nano Tank Progress

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Nano Tank Progress – Week 3

Sunday 30th August The Cryptocoryne Beckettii was looking really bad and was showing no sign of improving so I removed it and planted it in my main tank to see if it will recover. I replaced it with plants from my main tank, I’m not sure what they are but I think one is Anubus and the other may be Sagittaria subulat, they seem to have settled in well. The Dwarf Hair Grass and the Moss is doing really well […]

Nano Tank Progress – Week 1

Saturday 15th August 2020 I did a 50% water change after two days to clear off some of the tannins from the wood then I realised that I may have removed any ammonia needed to feed the beneficial bacteria which I had placed in the back section of the tank. Testing showed zero ammonia. I found a great article on how to perform a Fishless Cycle and decided to follow the fish food method. After three days the ammonia has […]