Our Allotment

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Our Allotment

A photographic diary of the progress on our Allotment in Knotty Ash, Liverpool. August 2016 Yet another year had gone by without any entries about the allotment! The main reason for this is that we didn’t really change anything this year. We planted seed potatoes in black plastic bags to keep them out of the ground which has resulted in eel worm in the past. The harvest wasn’t very good in terms of overall weight but we got a few […]

GR are Winners at the Allotment Flower and Veg Show

Last year we entered the Flower and Vegetable Show at our allotments we won a couple of first prizes due to the fact we were novices and that there were no other entries! This year we were in with the big guys! Despite a pretty poor harvest this year we managed two first prizes and a second.

Allotment Update – June 2013

The weather has finally improved and although we are still getting some rainy days, we have also had quite a few very hot days with temperatures in the greenhouse going up well into the 30s. However, at the back of our plot there is a band of very tall, mature trees which block the sun from one half of our plot until around lunchtime each day. We view this with a mixture of feelings; the lack of sun means that […]

Allotment Update – Late May

Netting is up on one of the fruit cages; have had to order some more to complete the other one! The new Walnut Tree from https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk has three tiny fruit on it already and the Plum and Cherry are doing well. Strawberries are all doing well and the new ones from the Allotment Plant Sale have been planted too so we should have lots of fruit this summer. Salad crops doing well along with the Onions and Garlic. Leeks planted […]

Allotment Update: Potatoes in

Allotment Update. It was lovely at the allotment this afternoon, sunny and warm but 30 degrees in the greenhouse which was not very comfortable. I can’t believe I’m complaining about the heat! I planted the early potatoes Red Duke of York and Lady Christl; the Pink Fir Apple are still chitting very, very slowly. I also sowed some seeds; although some should really be in a propogator so I’ve got my figures crossed: Brussels Sprout ‘Revenge’ Beetroot ‘Wodan’ Sweet Pepper […]

Allotment Update: The Shed

We got our shed from Garden Buildings Direct, there were a few problems with delivery but it arrived eventually and we put away safely until Allan could get a day off work which just happened to be one of the coldest days we’ve ever had in Liverpool! So cold that the camera froze a few times and we couldn’t get the camping cooker going for the kettle. Luckily we had our burner going so we had heat and cups of tea.

We have cabbage whitefly

The symptoms to look out for are white-winged insects about 1.5mm long which fly up in clouds from the underside of brassica leaves when disturbed, flat, oval, whitish-green scale-like nymphs are attached to the lower leaf surface and black or greenish-grey sooty moulds can develop on the upper leaf surface on the sticky honeydew excreted by this pest.

The GR Allotment: Update

Allan also managed to get three raised beds built and ready for planting so our potatoes went in a couple of weeks ago. We are growing Anya, a second early and Maris Piper a late and our Mum’s favourite potatoe, great for chips, roasting and mash.

The Gardening Register has an Allotment

Three weeks ago my brother, Allan, was allocated an allotment after being on the waiting list for just a couple of months. The allotments are called Ashfiled Allotments and are situated round the corner from our mum’s house in Knotty Ash. It is just a half plot but is more than big enough for what Allan and I want to do. Infact it looks very big when covered in weeds!