Building Projects

How to Choose the Right Pond Liner

When you’ve decided to put in a pond liner there are a couple of things to consider, how big does it need to be and what material is right for me? How big does your liner need to be? To work this out, you’ll need to measure the hole you’ve dug. You’ll need the maximum length, maximum width and maximum depth. If your pond is rectangular, this is easy, but if it is an odd shape then imagine a rectangle […]

Three Fun Ideas For Your Spring Garden

2017 has only just begun, but spring will be here before we know it. For those who like to tend their own gardens, that means it’s about time to start planning, from cleaning up winter debris to plotting out areas for bulb planting. But because there’s only so much you can actually do outside before the weather warms up, now is as good a time as any to do some brainstorming about fun new ways to enhance – rather than […]

Gardening in Raised Beds 1

One of the best ways to reduce wear and tear on your back is to plant in containers or to install a series of Raised Beds. Indeed if you like to grow vegetables or have an allotment then growing in Raised Beds is often the best way to succeed.

13 Steps to Building a Garden Pond

There are several points you need to consider before building your pond: Should it be formal or informal, natural or modern? Do you want to keep fish, grow plants or attract wildlife? Are there children to keep safe?

Add Height to your Garden

Tall, upright plants and structures add an extra element of interest to any garden. Trees and large shrubs are an excellent way of gaining height but they do take up a lot of room and take many years to reach their full size. A quick and easy solution is to use obelisks, arches, pergolas and trellises to grow climbing and rambling plants.