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Mistletoe isn’t just for Christmas

If, like me, you love mistletoe and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it, you’ll love this website too. It has lots of facts about mistletoe including the fact that the mistletoe we are all familiar with is just one of hundres of species worldwide. All are plant parasites, meaning that they grow as parasites on the branches of trees and shrubs. In Britain, most mistletoe grows on apple trees but it can also be found on poplars and willows.

Sow Green Manures

Now is the time to sow green manures on your vegetable plot or allotment. At this time of year most people will be harvesting the last of their vegetable crops and will be left with large areas of bare soil. To help stop weeds germinating and to improve the soil […]

Brighten up your borders with Clematis

Over the years I have planted a number of early and late flowering Clematis below my established shrubs which has meant that when you least expect it wonderfully coloured flowers emerge from the shrubs foliage.

Pond Plants

There are four types of pond plants: deep-water aquatics, marginals, submerged oxygenators and free-floaters. For your pond to remain healthy you will need a few plants from each type except free-floaters.