Flowers and Plants

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Make your own Hanging Basket in 8 Easy Steps

Hanging baskets are a wonderful way of adding colour to your garden, particularly if you have a paved garden or yard. Hanging baskets also add height and make the most of the smallest of spaces.

Looking After Cut Flowers

You may have heard the old wives tale about adding sugar to a vase of cut flowers, so here is how sugar affects cut flowers; basically the sugar is a nutrient and can replace those nutrients lost to the flowers when their leaves have been removed so the old wives tale was correct, add sugar to your flower water to help them last longer.

Olive Tree – Olea europaea

The Olive originally comes from the Mediterranean so are used to dry, hot conditions and not really suited to the UK climate. Try growing one in a large pot.

Protect Plant Roots

Now the weather’s turned much colder it’s a good time to think about protecting plants in your borders. Very tender plants will need to be lifted and stored under cover, however hardier plants and shrubs can be protected by applying a layer of mulch to protect their roots. Weeds should be removed from the borders first, before covering the soil with a layer of bark to a minimum depth of 50mm (2 inches). As well as insulating the plant roots […]