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Time to Force your Rhubarb 1

Rhubarb is a vegetable (not fruit) loved by many and extremely easy to grow as long as you give it the room. Rhubarb can be grown from seed sown in April but it is much better to plant “crowns” to ensure a good strong plant and fruitful crop. You can expect to get 5 to 10 years from your plant so they are very good value. The only drawback is that you will not be able to pull your crop […]

Extend the Growing Season With Hydroponics

One challenge of living in a northern climate is the relatively short growing season which unfortunately means you have to purchase your vegetables in the winter or simply live without them for several months. Fortunately with a little planning and work you could also create a basic indoor hydroponic system to extend your growing season. Hydroponics has been around for centuries but is still relatively unknown. Hydroponics translated from Latin means ‘working water’ but a simple alternative way to describe […]

Vegetable Plot Diary

Plan your gardening year with our Vegetable Plot Diary. Keep track of when to sow seeds indoors and outdoors, when to plant, when to harvest and when to carry out other vegetable gardening tasks.

How to Grow Peppers (Capsicum)

Sweet Peppers or Capsicum are mild-flavoured fruits used in salads and for baking, they requires similar growing conditions as tomatoes. Plants grow about 3ft tall but will need to be repotted at several stages until ready to move the their permanent spot. Mist to keep down red spider mite, support the stems and pick when fruits are green, swollen and glossy. Sowing Time Outdoor crop indoors late March or as a greenhouse crop late February Planting Time Outdoor crop transplanted […]

How to Grow Asparagus

This amazing vegetable is famously known for its gourmet taste, delicate flavour and unique texture. Not only would this make a great dish but you can grow this vegetable in your own garden.