Greenhouse Growing Hints and Tips 1

Greenhouse owners listen up. Finding out how to best grow your plants comes with experience but there are a few handy hints and tips that novices may not yet have picked up which will have your crops looking luscious in no time. Check out our tips below to help you turn over a new leaf and get to the bottom of your cultivation troubles. Temperature One of the most crucial things which helps your plants to grow is the temperature […]

Using a Cold Frame to extend the Growing Season 1

To get the most out of your garden you need to be able to shelter your plants from cold weather during the winter and early spring. A cold frame is a relatively inexpensive and simple structure providing the ideal environment for sheltering plants and for growing cool-weather crops.

Greenhouse Gardening

Owning a greenhouse not only gives you somewhere warm to escape to during the cold winter days it also expands the range of plants you are able to grow.