Make Your Lawn Mower Like New Once Again

As the summer is now well and truly upon us, this means many gardeners will be looking to increase the amount of gardening they do. Caring for the lawn is an important step at this time of year, as the grass is growing more quickly than during the colder months – and proper lawn care requires a high-quality lawn mower. Read on for advice on how to get your lawn mower working like new again. Lawn Care Lawns require more […]

Artificial Grass for your Garden

Believe it or not, artificial grass has been around since the 1960’s! It’s widely acknowledged that an American man named David Chany, leading a team of researchers at the University College of Textiles in North Carolina, created the first notable synthetic turf. Since this time, the production techniques have moved on significantly and artificial grass can now be manufactured in such a way that today makes it affordable to residential homeowners and families, not just sports clubs and education institutions. […]

Lawn Maintenance: Seasonal Cheat Sheet

Keeping your lawn looking good all year round can be hard work. To help you our friends at Heiton Buckley have produced a quick and simple guide to what to do when, follow this guide for a smooth, green lawn each and every year. Courtesy of: Heiton Buckley

Lawn Care Guide

A beautiful lawn is the envy of most gardeners but producing and maintaining a lawn is not easy and takes time and commitment. However, I hope with the help of our step by step guide you too could be the envy of your neighbours. For this guide we are assuming you are starting a lawn from scratch but you can pick up at any point depending on the stage and state of your own lawn. Before you start you need […]

Lawn Problems 1

Even after following a strict maintenance programme you may find your lawn occasionally requires additional work or succumbs to pests or diseases.