Alternative Lawns

A lush, well manicured, green lawn is most people’s idea of the perfect lawn but if you are looking for something a little easier to maintain or just fancy something a bit different then why not sow a wildflower or chamomile lawn? Creating a colourful wildflower area in your garden is extremely easy and your garden will soon become a natural haven for beneficial insects as well as various species of butterflies.

Rolawn TV – Practical ‘How to’ Videos

Rolawn TV – Helping you create a beautiful garden with our practical ‘How to’ videos. Rolawn Direct are one of the leading suppliers of lawn turf and lawn related products in the UK with their website offering lots of useful advice. Now they also have a number of informative videos to help you make the most of your lawn. If you are planning a new lawn then take a look at the video’s below to help you produce the best lawn […]

Mushrooms in the Lawn

The mushrooms you find in your lawn are actually helping to decay dead and rotting matter beneath the surface of the lawn with most of the activity taking place under the turf.