Garden Maintenance Made Easy

Even if you love gardening, finding the time in your busy schedule to maintain your outdoor space can just end up being another thing to worry about. Nobody wants a scruffy, unkempt garden as it does absolutely nothing for your home’s kerb appeal, so we’ve got a few solutions for helping you keep your garden looking presentable without taking up too much of your time. Plant perennials Perennial plants are plants that do not die after one season of growth. […]

How should I clean my garden decking? 2

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood decking isn’t hard and will ensure that the structure will remain in great condition for years to come despite the elements. In fact, provided care and maintenance is preserved, hardwood decking could easily exceed 30 years.

Take the stress out of Garden mess

After a long cold winter many of us will have neglected our patio and decking and chances are it won’t be ready for those many barbeques and summer parties. So how do you turn a sorry state into a paradise which you won’t be embarrassed to invite your guests to?

Propagating Plants for your Garden

Buying new plants for your garden is one of life’s little pleasures and can be extremely satisfying but often expensive. Equally as satisfying and an awfully lot cheaper is propagating your own plants. There are several methods available; softwood cuttings, semi-ripe cuttings, hardwood cuttings, root cuttings, leaf cuttings, division, layering and seed.