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New Additions to the Garden

When we moved in to this house in 1999 it was brand new and the builders had planted up a small flower bed in the front garden. The bed consisted of a tall, slim conifer and a prostrate conifer of some sort. The first plants to be planted in the bed by me were Dahlias which did really well for a number of years without me having to dig them up each year but after a few years they began […]

Snowdrop Wendy’s Gold

My brother and I have been after this particular Snowdrop for years and last year I finally got my hands on some. Out of six bulbs three have flowered and are looking marvelous in the spring sunshine; take a look below. Click here to see more plants from our garden.

Auricula Selfs Collection

My Auriculas have arrived. I chose to buy a collection of “Selfs” which meant that I didn’t know in advance which varieties I would receive. As it turned out I received Bright Ginger, Chiffon, Cortina, Toolyn, Moonrise and Wedding Day and I’m very pleased with them. Here are pictures of the how the plants will look, assuming I look after them properly. I bought my collection from¬†https://www.woottensplants.com and the images are from their website. CHIFFON   CORTINA   WEDDING DAY […]

Snowdrops January 2012

Our Garden in January

Following on from my failed attempt at taking photographs of our garden each week I have decided to just take photographs when there is something interesting to show you. Today, 23rd January 2012, I was surprised to notice the size of the Camellia Buds, this time last year they were a lot smaller but we had just had the worst winter in many years so not surprising really. I went outside with my camera and also found the Snowdrops looking […]

Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aureomarginata’ (Crown Imperial)

I’ve just bought this amazing Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aureomarginata’ (Crown Imperial). It is quite rare and unusual with orange flowers and gold edged bracts and grows to 150cm (5 ft) in height. It’s sure to make an impact in any border but I think I’ll be planting it in a nice pot. The key to successfully growing Crown Imperial is to plant the bulbs in well drained soil/compost, to stop them rotting off lay them on their sides on a bed […]

Acer Orange Dream

Our photograph of the week has been updated, although it has not been updated for a few months; sorry! This month I have chosen Acer Orange Dream which is looking absolutely lovely at the moment and the best it has looked ever.