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Missed the Gooseberries Again!

A couple of years ago I bought a red gooseberry bush. Last summer, its first proper season, it produced about six lovely sweet gooseberries, well I think they were sweet because just when I thought they’d be ready to eat the blackbirds ate all six in one sitting. I was actually watching it from my office window but couldn’t get down quickly enough to stop it.

The Gardening Register Rose

Here is the first photograph of The Gardening Register Rose. For my birthday last year I was bought a Name A Rose Gift Box. In the box is sachet of seeds which you plant as per the instructions. Once done you fill in the Rose Naming form and send it off then back comes a Personalised Certificate confirming the rose name.

Plant of the Month for May

Dicentra spectabilis or Bleeding Heart is one of the first plants to emerge in late spring and has arching sprays of dainty, rose-pink, heart-shaped flowers above fern-like, fresh green leaves.

Our Garden

In June 2015 I moved house so I have begun a new post about the new garden and am closing down this post. Take a look at our new garden here. We bought this house, when it was only half built, back in 1999 and typical of new houses the garden was a mound of top soil and builders rubble. We got the builders to level the soil but it was still full of bricks, pallet wrappers etc., quite a […]