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Growing and Caring for Fruit

The introduction of container grown fruit trees and shrubs and the availability of dwarf varieties of apple, pear and cherry has meant that every gardener can now successfully grow most fruits in their own back gardens. Not all fruit is easy to grow and careful consideration should be given to the types and varieties suitable for your own location and conditions before making a final decision. The Gardening Register hope that the following information will help you produce a wide […]

Our Garden

In June 2015 I moved house so I have begun a new post about the new garden and am closing down this post. Take a look at our new garden here. We bought this house, when it was only half built, back in 1999 and typical of new houses the garden was a mound of top soil and builders rubble. We got the builders to level the soil but it was still full of bricks, pallet wrappers etc., quite a […]