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Organic Gardening A Beginners Guide

With the growing trend of improving diets, more and more people are beginning to watch what they eat. After all, ‘you are what you eat’, no matter how old the saying is, makes for a very valid point. My advice to anyone wishing to know what exactly it is they are putting into their mouths, is to grow their own. It is one of the best ways to fundamentally reconnect and improve your relationship with food. Whether you choose to […]

Gooseberry Sawfly

If you love to grow gooseberrys you will know the frustration of the gooseberry sawfly whose larvae can strip the leaves of gooseberry bushes.

We have Ground Elder!

Ground Elder is an invasive, perennial weed which spreads using underground stems or rhizomes. It dies down each winter and reappears in the spring and flowers with flat headed white flowers in early summer. Usually the leaves are dark green but they can also be variegated.