Plants in Our Garden

Our Plant of the Month for March is Hellebore

Hellebores can flower as early as January and continue on until late April producing lovely nodding, saucer-shaped, flowers in many colours. Their foliage is virtually evergreen, just cut down the old leaves during January or February to show the flowers off to their best. They are very low maintenance and they don’t mind the shade. Most prefer heavy soils with plenty of organic matter added each year.

Auricula Selfs Collection

My Auriculas have arrived. I chose to buy a collection of “Selfs” which meant that I didn’t know in advance which varieties I would receive. As it turned out I received Bright Ginger, Chiffon, Cortina, Toolyn, Moonrise and Wedding Day and I’m very pleased with them. Here are pictures of the how the plants will look, assuming I look after them properly. I bought my collection from and the images are from their website. CHIFFON   CORTINA   WEDDING DAY […]