Product Reviews

Hozelock Flexi Spray – Review

You may have seen my recent review about finding easier ways to keep my patio pots and containers watered (  I came across a sprial hose which has turned out to be a great buy but I wanted something I could leave running for a short amount of time to help with my larger pots and containers. Looking around Swell UK‘s website I came across a Hozelock Flexi Spray which looked like it may do the job. It is currently […]

WoodBlocX Raised Bed – Review 1

I love to use herbs in cooking and in summer time I like to add Borage and Mint to cold drinks. In my garden I grow Thyme, Bay and Chives but my Rosemary and Sage both died a couple of years ago so I have been buying them from the supermarket, I also buy tender herbs to grow on the windowsill during the summer. The problem I find with the supermarket herbs is that they don’t last very long so I […]

Hozelock Garden Sprinkler – Review

Like a lot of people I have a number of containers and pots on my patio which adds interest and colour throughout the Spring and Summer. I love to use pots to grow plants which either won’t grow in my garden or would be too large if planted in the ground. I have also recently bought a few Auriculas which I display in terracotta pots; I love these little plants and they have to be kept in pots in order to appreciate […]

Hozelock Spiral Hose Set – Review 3

I hate garden hoses and I think most gardeners will agree with me. If you have a decent sized garden dragging a hose around the garden to reach all the areas that need watering can be a real struggle and having to find the “kinks” can become a real pain. I have seen, and read about, spiral hoses for quite some time and finally decided to give it a try; I settled on the Hozelock Spiral Hose Set from Swell UK […]

Hawkshead Lady Danville Wellington Boots – Review 1

Being a keen gardener and allotment holder I spend a lot of time in Wellies and I am always on the look-out for something a bit different. When I saw the Hawkshead Lady Danville Wellington Boots I was instantly attracted to the colour with the contrasting edging and just had to have a pair. I found them on Brookes where they were available for £23.18 plus delivery at £3.49 which I think is really good value; and they arrived within a couple of […]