Website Reviews

New Gardening Gifts Website 2

I have recently come across a lovely website which concentrates on selling great practical, but beautiful, gardening gifts and accessories as well as garden furniture. The website is The Cottage Gardener and they are new to the internet and have just set up a twitter account (@cottage_living) too so why not have a visit or follow them for updates.

Shoot has launched it’s new Website 1

Shoot is an award-winning website for gardeners and has long been a favourite of mine. I have used their website often and was interested to hear that it had recently been relaunched.

UK Orchid Forum

I have just come across a new forum dedicated to Orchids, The UK Orchid Forum. I have grown orchids for some time without much success. My Mum always seemed to manage to get them to reflower regularly and her’s always look great. This year I moved mine out into my, north facing, conservatory and they must love the cool, bright conditions because they are thriving. Three have finished flowering and have produced between two and four new stems which should be […]