Types of Plants

To help you decide which types of plant are best suited to your garden and the planting position you have in mind, The Gardening Register have produced a guide to the different types of plants available. We have added a short description to aid identification, notes on how to prepare the site and look after the plant afterwards plus some examples.

Types of Plants – Hedges

Hedges are trees or shrubs which are planted close together to form a continuous row of foliage. They are usually cut to maintain a particular shape and height.

Types of Plants – Ground Cover Plants 1

Ground Cover plants are low growing, spreading shrubs which can cover a large area of ground, usually quite quickly. They suppress weeds and require very little attention.

Types of Plants – Climbers

Climbers are shrubs which are adapted to growing up vertical structures, they add a vertical element to a garden and can be trained against a wall, fence or trellis, over arches and pergolas, through trees or used as ground cover.