Types of Plants

To help you decide which types of plant are best suited to your garden and the planting position you have in mind, The Gardening Register have produced a guide to the different types of plants available. We have added a short description to aid identification, notes on how to prepare the site and look after the plant afterwards plus some examples.

Types of Plants – Hardy Perennials

Hardy Perennials die down each autumn and grow again the following spring so they can stay in the ground all year and only require to be split every three to five years.

Types of Plants – Half Hardy Annuals

Like Hardy Annuals these plants live for just one season and will die after flowering and setting seed. However, they cannot stand the cold so should be planted out after all risk of frost has passed.

Types of Plants – Hardy Annuals

Hardy Annuals are herbaceous plants that live for just one year; they will die after flowering and setting seed and should then be composted.

Types of Plants – Shrubs

Generally smaller than trees with either a very short main stem or multiple stems. They are long living plants grown for their flowers, foliage or fruits.They come on many shapes and sizes and can be grown in almost any part of the garden. Shrubs can be evergreen or deciduous.

Types of Plants – Conifers

Conifers are similar to trees but there are a number of biological differences, most are evergreen but some are deciduous. They make great architectural features in a garden, particularly planted in groups, they also provide excellent ground cover.