Controlling Japanese Knotweed: Save Your Property And Your Pocket

Matthew Jones and his fiancée Sue Banks had the value of their new four-bedroom house in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire drop from £305,000 to £50,000 as a result of the damage caused by Japanese Knotweed. The intruder spread along the brick walls, up through the floor and over skirting boards, the couple who had twins eight months ago have to demolish the house and remove 10 feet of soil from under the building. Sounds terrible? The fact is Japanese Knotweed is able […]

We have Ground Elder! 2

Ground Elder is an invasive, perennial weed which spreads using underground stems or rhizomes. It dies down each winter and reappears in the spring and flowers with flat headed white flowers in early summer. Usually the leaves are dark green but they can also be variegated.