Cercidiphyllum japonicum – Katsura Tree 2

KatsuraCercidiphyllum japonicum or the Katsura Tree is an amazing tree, not only for it’s bright autumn colours but it does something extraordinary. As it drops it’s leaves in autumn it smells of candy floss.

If you have not smelt this tree in autumn you are missing out on something quite special.

I have a small specimen in a large tub in my garden and when I open the doors to go outside this amazing smell hits me for a few days each year.

I was visiting Dunham Massey about two weeks ago and as I turned a corner I smelt the tree before I saw it, it was a great specimen with fantastic autumn colour along with the candy floss smell. Wonderful.

I’ve never seen this tree in my local garden centres so I bought mine online from Crocus.co.uk.

If you do buy this lovely plant, get in touch next autumn and let me know what you think of it.

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2 thoughts on “Cercidiphyllum japonicum – Katsura Tree

  • Vanessa

    I can not believe what great value this plant is from Gardening Express. After reading you post about their offer I phoned them up, and ordered one. It’s arrived within a couple of days, and it is a lovely size 4-5ft, nice and strong – I would have only got a weenie one for that from any garden centre. thanks gardening register for letting us know about this. I will check your blog every week, especially for any offers you pick up on from gardening express, did you have the inner scoop on this one coming up?? I don’t think they will be offering something like this indefinately at such a great price. thanks once again gardening register and gardening express!!!

  • Linda Post author

    Thank you for your nice comments. I always try to keep on top of good value plants and gardening products which I can pass on to my readers so keep watching this space. You could always follow me on twitter to keep up-to-date with my latest posts. http://twitter.com/GardenReg. Kind Regards, Linda