Clematis Rebecca 5

clematis-rebeccaI’ve just bought the most amazing new plant; it is a red clematis called Rebecca.

This great clematis is from Raymond Evison and was the Chelsea feature for 2008, it was named for his eldest daughter and has brilliant red flowers!

It flowers late spring/early summer and again in late summer. It can be planted in any aspect and will reach a height of around 6ft. Give is a light pruning in early spring to keep it in good health and producing these wonderful red flowers. Suitable for growing in a container as long as some support is available.

The specimen I have isn’t a bright red but it is the most red I’ve seen in a clematis and is a great buy.

I’ve found it at Thompson & Morgan for £5.99 for a young plant or £9.99 for three to be despatched at the end of October. This may be a limited offer, let me know if the price changes and I’ll update the page.

Click here to buy Clematis Rebecca from Thompson & Morgan

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5 thoughts on “Clematis Rebecca

  • Shaf

    that’s a lovely looking clematis, I think I will have to track one down. speaking of new plants, do you like photinias? I’ve just discovered a new one call Photinia cassini Pink Marble, it was featured in garden answers magazine as a brand new and exclusive plant with, so I ordered one, and it was delivered this morning. It’s a large plant (about 10 times that size you get with most plants in the mail, which as handy, as i usually kill baby plug plants!) I’ve use this firm a few times as they have some wonderful looking plants, that the garden centres in this area don’t have.

  • Jake

    I have used gardening express a few times and found them a good reliable company, you could also try which have a good range of garden plants and garden containers and are about to start selling a dwarf patio buddleja called Blue Chip.

  • Paul Northey

    I’m always surprised that people consider purchasing young clematis plants as plugs offered by some of the “brochure” companies such as T&M, which require quite a bit of care to get them up to the maturity required to plants outdoors. A better recommendation for all but the keenest gardeners would be to go for mature 2 year old plants, following on from Linda’s comment, As well as offering plants online offers links to garden centre stockists should you wish to choose your own plant.