Crafty Garden Ideas for Kids

frontpageBring nature a little bit closer to home as well as keeping the kids entertained all year round with these fun and practical crafty garden ideas.

Help feed the birds this winter

As the temperature starts to cool down, why not make a recycled bottle bird feeder using plastic bottles you would normally throw away.

All you’ll need is a used plastic bottle, pencils, scissors and some wire or string. Please note that this task will require adult supervision when it comes to using scissors.

strawberryDon’t forget that birds get used to finding food in the same places. During the colder months, remember to clean the bottle and to re-fill the feeder on a regular basis. If the feeder starts wearing out or the food in it goes mouldy, you should recycle it and make a new one.

Grow your own mint indoors

Mint seeds can be sown indoors or under glass from winter to early summer. It’s useful to grow several plants at once, and to not pick the leaves off until your plants have grown to a good size.

When the plants are big enough, try picking the larger leaves first – this will allow the smaller ones to get more light and grow even better. Also, occasionally cutting back the sprigs will encourage healthy and thicker growth of your mint plants.

For full details on how to get your kids started on these, and other, great creative tasks download Sainsbury’s Bank’s crafty garden ideas.