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Creating A Water Efficient Garden

With constant dry conditions and regular amber weather warnings being issued all over the UK recently, creating a water efficient garden is an efficient way to save money and help the environment too. Gardener Supplies can help you do that in a cost-effective manner, read this advice page to see how.

Water Butts

Water Butts are simple yet effective pieces of equipment that can enhance your garden and make it easier to manage natural resources and use them to your advantage in the garden. Most Water Butts connect to your drain and utilise a diverter kit to manage rainwater and store it in a large capacity tank, ready to use for a variety of garden activities ranging from watering plants to cleaning garden furniture. These products are particularly useful in drier spells as when there is the occasional downpour, they help you use the rainwater to your advantage and ensure that droughts or hosepipe bans do not affect your garden maintenance routine.

Planter Watering Systems

A common mistake many people make in the garden is overwatering plants and shrubs without realising, which becomes particularly more dangerous in droughts or generally drier periods. With the use of Planter Watering Systems, you can guarantee your plants are getting only the nutrients and water they need, helping keep them healthier for longer but also ensuring you are not using more water than you need to. The Mona Plant Watering Tank helps carry this process out by only releasing water when the soil is dry, helping save you time and money. In addition, the Mona Plant Self Watering Tanks only need refilling once every 6 weeks on average, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor planting projects. Available in a wide range of tank sizes, Mona Plant Self Watering Tanks are used in gardens across the country no matter the size as they deliver effective results every time, and promise more efficiency than traditional watering methods such as hose pipes or watering cans.

Irrigation Bags

If you have trees in your garden or are planning on planting any soon, the use of an Irrigation Bag is highly recommended to keep your costs down and to keep your trees in prime condition too. Our Tree Watering Irrigation Bag is simple and easy to install and can be reused on multiple trees to give you long lasting results. Thanks to the non-invasive design of the Tree Watering Irrigation Bag, it can be installed on already established trees, eliminating the need to install an underground irrigation system. The product can hold up to 60 litres of water and gradually release that water in a controlled manner to provide your trees with all the nutrients they need. In addition, the Tree Watering Irrigation Bag offers 100% water absorption rates with no run off, ensuring there is no wastage. This product is one that offers a multitude of benefits, saving you time as well as money for the long run.

If you have any questions about any of the products discussed in this advice page, you can email the team at Gardener Supplies on and they will be happy to discuss them with you further.