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Do your bit to save our bees

If you are a keen gardener you will know about the threat to the world’s honey bees. Honey bees all over the world are dying out at unacceptably high level.

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is running lots of projects to raise money to fund research into honey bee health, and education programmes for beekeepers.

If you want to help make a difference why not sponsor a beehive in your local area. When you register you will receive an adoption pack containing A Certificate of Adoption, a welcome letter from the President of the BBKA, a factsheet about the honey bee, a newsletter with an update about your honey bees in spring, summer & autumn, a BBKA window sticker, a BBKA fridge magnet, a wooden honey dipper, set of six postcards and a choice of either a ½lb (227g) jar of British honey or 100g jar of honey mustard. All this for just £29.50 and the peace of mind that someone is doing something to help our honey bees.

I have adopted a beehive from Hannah in Liverpool and am looking foward to receiving my adoption pack, and eating the honey mustard which I’ve never tried before.

You can see a list of all the projects the BBKA is aiming to fund by clicking here.

You can now buy a range of other products including products of the hive such as pure honey bees wax, candles and honey lip balm in the luxury adoption set, as well as cards, notelets and bee related items for the home and garden.

Everything you buy from the BBKA website, no matter how small, will be raising funds for research and education to support the honey bee.