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Five Ways To Make Your Garden More Interactive

Pulmonaria2During the spring season, a lot of us like to take some time to work on our gardens, and indeed, this can be a very enjoyable and peaceful activity.

With such a wide range of flowers and plants at their best in the spring, and with the weather warming up, it is a great time to get busy in the garden making it look its best.

Often, a spring gardening effort starts with something relatively basic: a trip to the nearest garden centre for some new seeds or plants, or a visit to My Smart Buy to order some new gardening equipment.

In addition to focusing on these basic necessities you may also want to choose a general theme for your garden – such as making it more interactive.

With the proper care most gardens look good in the spring and summer, however, it can become more than just visually appealing by making your garden more interactive.

Keeping that in mind, here are five tips to make your garden more interactive this spring.

1. Add A Path

If you have the space, putting a path in your garden is the quickest and surest way to transform it from a visual garden into an interactive one. Additionally, it is extremely simple, the average garden path consists of stone slabs, stones or bricks laid out strategically to invite people to walk into and around your garden. Typically path can be laid in your garden in a single afternoon.

sparrowonfeeder200wide2. Invite The Birds

Birds are good for your garden for several reasons, in addition to offering appealing company and providing natural atmosphere, birds provide pest control, saving you from reliance on harmful chemicals. With a simple prop such as a birdbath or bird feeder, you can invite many species of bird into your garden, instantly making it a more appealing environment.

3. Focus On Smells

This may sound fairly basic – after all, the average rose garden smells quite nice all on its own – but if your garden does not include a high volume of flowers with good scent, you might want to think about adding some. In fact, both flowers and herbs can add pleasant aromas to your garden, making it a nicer place for people to spend time there.

4. Consider Furniture

Another quick way to add a hospitable quality to your garden is to add some furniture. Whether this means a simple, rustic garden bench or a full-blown gazebo, having a place to sit gives you a whole new reason to spend time in your garden. Additionally, furniture adds to the atmosphere from a visual standpoint as well, as it injects a natural sense of comfort.

5. Expand

Finally, if at all possible, expand your garden. Features like paths, furniture, and even additional plants work best if there is an appropriate amount of space allotted for your garden, so if you can, broaden the borders!