Flower Carpet Red Velvet and Cynara scolymus

RedVelvetMy garden has reached the stage where there is no more room left to plant anything! So you’d think I’d stop going to the garden centre wouldn’t you? But no ….. this week I came across a lovely red rose (yes, red again!).

This is Flower Carpet Red Velvet a ground cover rose.

It is a lovely bright red with a yellow centre with glossy, rich green foliage and it really catches the eye; I liked it so much I’ve bought mum one too, she’ll love it.

As I don’t have any room in the ground I have put it in a pot in the hope that it will flow over the top and give a trailing affect. There are lots of buds on both plants so hopefully we’ll get flowers until the frost; I’ll let you know.

Here are the details:

  • It is naturally disease resistant
  • It has a long flowering season
  • It grows to 50cm (20ins) high and you will need 2-3 plants per square metre (yard)
  • Plant in a sunny spot in any soil type or plant it in a container in a good quality compost, water well and keep moist
  • Add a quality rose food to the soil / compost
  • In early spring cut back to 15cm (6ins) from the base and add more rose food
  • Trim off any spent blooms as this will encourage more prolific flowering

While I was at the garden centre I found a bargain in the Sale section.

cynaraIt is a Cynara scolymus or Cardoon.

It is a very architectural plant growing up to 180cm (6ft) tall and producing these wonderful purple-mauve, thistle-like flowers in late summer; keep them on for the winter for an extra show of interest. The foliage is jagged and greyish green which will make a change for my garden.

I have managed to find a small spot at the back of my main border I just hope it gets enough sun.