Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aureomarginata’ (Crown Imperial) 2

I’ve just bought this amazing Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aureomarginata’ (Crown Imperial).

It is quite rare and unusual with orange flowers and gold edged bracts and grows to 150cm (5 ft) in height. It’s sure to make an impact in any border but I think I’ll be planting it in a nice pot.

The key to successfully growing Crown Imperial is to plant the bulbs in well drained soil/compost, to stop them rotting off lay them on their sides on a bed of grit or gravel.

You can currently buy Fritillaria imperialis  from Thompson & Morgan; buy now for flowering this coming Spring.

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2 thoughts on “Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aureomarginata’ (Crown Imperial)

  • alistair young

    Im just about to buy these are they really 5ft? some sites say 4ft … putting the bulb on its side because of initial precaution of rotting? obviously the bulb will in time right itself wont it. im buying 3 for £15 on e-bay no postage the bulbs are not sized but have an apple photographed next to them to show their size so i think they should be ok

  • Linda Post author

    Hi Alistair.

    I have just re-read my post and although some details I’ve seen say 5′, some also say 4′. In my experience they rarely get taller than 3′ but they are still magnificent plants.

    Most experts suggest putting grit in the bottom of the planting hole and placing the bulb on it’s side to stop too much damp getting into the top of the bulb which could cause it to rot before it gets a chance to flower. I have done this several times and they do grow upright so it is not an issue. If you have very well drained soil, or are planting in an open medium in a pot, then you can plant the bulb upright.

    These plants are really well worth growing as there is nothing else quite like them. I have just planted some in my new garden. Bulbs should be large and firm which is difficult to tell from a photograph but three for £15 is good value so if they are a little small it shouldn’t really impact flowering.

    Are you aware of the smell? The bulbs have a very unusual smell which reminds me of foxes so don’t be put off when they arrive!!

    Let me know how you get on.