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Furnishing Your Garden: What’s Your Style?

ImageShackletonsFurnishing your garden and creating a relaxation area can encourage you to spend more time outdoors in the warmer months. If you’re not sure what type of furniture to go for, here’s a guide to some of the most popular styles.

Comfortable and contemporary

If your house is decorated in a contemporary style, then continuing this into your garden will give your property a sense of seamlessness ranging from the interiors out to the exteriors. Rattan garden furniture, like the range from Shackletons, is becoming increasingly popular with those who favour a more modern style when it comes to furnishing their garden. On a practical basis, it’s a great option, as it’s coated in a resin that makes it weatherproof in conditions ranging from rain to ice, so you don’t have to store it away when the seasons change. The way the material is weaved creates flexibility in the furniture, making it particularly comfortable and most rattan furniture comes with extra cushioned padding, which can be easily stored away during the winter.

Rustic and rural

If you prefer something a little more rustic, then opting for furniture made out of natural materials like wood will probably blend in more seamlessly with your garden. Wooden garden furniture sets aren’t difficult to come by, but if you wanted to save some money you could easily make one yourself. The only downside is that wooden seating isn’t particularly comfortable, and that might result in you feeling less tempted to relax outside rather than on the sofa indoors. You could always add custom made cushioning to a wooden bench, or even just bring out a few scatter cushions from indoors when you’re sitting in the garden.

Slouchy and stylish

Households with children might want to opt for something super comfortable and kid-proof when it comes to their garden furniture. Coloured bean bags dotted around your garden will no doubt be a big hit with the children, but they also provide a slouchy space for you to relax outdoors with a book on a sunny afternoon. The pop of colour that they’ll bring will give your garden a stylish vibe, and when the weather isn’t so great, the covers can be washed and they can be transferred indoors and placed in children’s bedrooms or in the playroom.

If your garden has a few trees, you could even add a hammock between them. The novelty of the addition is likely to encourage you to spend more time relaxing in the garden, and you could add a few extra stand-alone ones to accommodate a few more people.

Unusual and up-cycled

If you consider yourself to be fairly thrifty when it comes to furnishing your space, then you might want to try a DIY project in the garden. Wooden pallets placed on the floor and topped with home-made cushions will look chic and will barely cost you anything. Everything from baths to bed frames can be up-cycled and transformed into garden furniture, so check out this Pinterest board for more inspiration.